A few highlights, thoughts & happenings from my week:

Hitting the gym: I'm thrilled my health has stabilized enough for me to head back to the gym. It's been almost a year. Can you believe it? Martin & I are lucky to live in a condo with two gorgeous gyms and a pool + hot tub, which makes working out easy and convenient. Thank goodness! The plan is to work out every other day and either power walk or do yoga on non-gym days. I hope to get into killer shape this year... I've always admired girls that are super toned & fit, so why not make it a goal?!

Downtime: Yes, I'm a computer junkie and online far too often. Lately, I'm trying to scale back by scheduling more conscious pockets of time for myself as well as finding more meaningful things to do with that time. So, I've started reading, doing more photography and I'm working on a couple DIY home projects.

Writing: I used to be an avid writer and I'd love to get back into that groove. Several years ago, I did The Artists Way and one of their recommended daily exercises was to write out your unedited stream of thoughts first thing each morning. It's meant to help you get in touch with your artist as well as your creative process. I'd love to make that a part of my morning routine again.

Eating: My eating habits have been a little... meh. I'm eating at restaurants far too often and I'm missing my usual home cooked meals. So this week, I'm getting strict with myself and getting back on the healthy eating bandwagon. My favourite meals this week are: raw almond butter & gluten free toast for breakfast; lentil, quinoa + veggie soup for lunch; and gluten-free pasta with tomatoes, tofu & cheese for dinner. Mmmmm!

Working on: Several new necklaces for the shop. I'm introducing a few silver ones, long ones and a few beaded varieties too + I'm working on expanding the shop's bracelet collection. Can't wait to share the new styles with you guys! I'm also planning on hosting another Stella & Dot jewelry party at my home later this month and hoping to do an online one too. I'll keep you posted!

xo veronika