a few photos from our after dinner hike. well more like a walk, really. i have to admit, i feel a little self-conscious showing my "schleppy best" on the blog. forgive me? but usually after a long work day, i'm happy to be make-up free and wearing my denim cut-offs or a simple maxi dress. anywho, aside from working our butts off, martin & i have been trying to savour these gorgeous summer evenings as much as possible. is it really almost over? for now, we're staying in denial and up to our usual shenanigans... summer picnics, ice cream dates, wine on the patio and seeing friends for laid-back soirees. 
also, i wanted to briefly touch on the fact that after taking a break from working with sponsors and brands on my last blog girl & closet, i've decided to re-open that part of my blog up again. promoting shops i'm passionate about is honestly something i love doing, but unfortunately after this past year's health problems, i was kind of forced to take a break. thankfully i'm finally back to my old self (if not better) and excited to get back to having fun with my blog and living life. it really hasn't been the easiest year, however, i've come out on the other side a much better person... humbled, thankful and purposeful.