ok, today i'm hitting you guys with a whack of birthday photos... i feel like i should write something profound or soulful to go along with this post. but, i've got nothin'! it's been such a busy work week for me (among other things) and i'm horribly brain dead. i need to plan a little getaway, i think. wine, a lake and yummy food is the way to my vacation heart. anywho, on with the birthday... on friday we visited my parents for a mediterranean inspired dinner (vegetarian for me) and it was so good. my dad is a sensational cook. did you know, my dad & i share the same birth date? how crazy is that??... double the fun, i say!
then on sunday, martin & i celebrated some more. we lounged in our pajamas and ate left-over birthday cake for breakfast (well, just me actually). high five. then we headed out to enjoy one of our favourite ocean-side trails... it’s a few steps from our home and pretty great. in the evening we hit up DQ (my guilty pleasure), enjoyed a patio dinner out + a movie. i gotta say, laid-back birthdays just might be my new favourite.
happiest weekend, friends. also... you may have noticed a few banner ads popping up on the blog. i took a little break from offering sponsorship due to a far too crazy work schedule, but i'm thrilled to be offering affordable advertising to companies which i'm passionate about. are you a shop or small business owner? take a peek at my sponsorship page or shoot me an email. i'd love to help you spread the word!
xo veronika