recently from my iphone

1. quick snap before heading out for dinner and wearing my new forever 21 dress 2. ocean walk, always 3. scout, our favourite little adventurer 4. sushi date with my hubby

is that the sound of little blogging crickets? haha, yup, it just might be. i had lofty plans for this week but then a sore throat happened, and it brought with it the most relentless insomnia... my two unwelcome guests, as i've appropriately named them. also, you may be scratching your head and thinking, hey, things look a little different around here. well, that's what happens when your husband is out of town and you have time on your hands + a good glass of chardonnay. yes, i chose coding over going out & socializing. so it goes. don't pretend you haven't done the same. ;)

other high hopes for this week include: um, what happened to my weekly exercise plan? flu or no flu. yoga is on the horizon. as is meeting up with my girlfriend for snacks and wine. hello sabrina! the most adventurous and fun loving gal you'll ever meet. she's spent the last year traveling and teaching in shanghai, and i'm so looking forward to seeing her beautiful face.

lastly, with much excitement, i installed disqus on the blog. yay, right?! each week, you guys leave such wonderful comments and i feel like we should keep the party going. so that's me. what's going on with you?