summer nights

i don't normally post on the weekend. but i'm trying to be a little more spontaneous with my posting. usually, i love schedules and having everything figured out down to the very last detail; however, that's been feeling a little too rigid for me lately. so, right, here i am posting on a saturday. these photos were taken earlier this month, right before i got my hair-cut. i plan to be back later next week with outfit photos so you can finally see this elusive haircut i keep nattering on about. 

martin & i have been spending as many of our summer evenings down by the ocean as we possibly can. our regular routine consists of: healthy smoothies (chocolate banana soy for me), a bench under our favourite tree, scout (our extra fluffy & happy go lucky pooch), camera, and most importantly... mushing our toes into the grass. oh summer, you've been so very good to us. i can't believe martin's back at work the following week (he's a teacher). nuts, this summer has been flying by. you can bet we'll be doing all that we can to live it up and end this one off with a bang!