a late summer ocean-side date

This week has been undoubtedly clunky.

I say clunky because after having a week off, and having Martin home all summer (he's a teacher), I'm feeling, well, clunky. Getting back into my work routine hasn't been easy. Especially when everyday somehow ends up feeling like a Monday. Cruel, isn't it? And let me point out, the rain hasn't helped my predicament, at all!

But you know, I'm just going with it. There's no reason to fight such things. I'm finding comfort in my slightly longer lunch breaks. Usually, my nose is buried in a good book and I'm chowing down on my favourite curry, yam & tofu soup. Soup and books. Magically, they lift my tired spirits everytime. So, thank goodness for that.

On one of our days off, we took a lovely stroll to our favourite beach. Hence the photos. We were itching for sand, waves and some sun on our faces. Scout, the quirky guy that he is, ran into the water only a few times. He mostly prefers to stand at the foot of the ocean and bark at the dogs that are in fact brave enough to swim. Swimming envy? Who knows. We have yet to see our dog swim on his own accord. One day, one day, I'm sure.

Oh summer, I know we are all thinking it, but you will be greatly missed!

The only thing keeping me strong these days is the promise of fall shopping. My J.Crew and Zara online carts are well stocked. Bursting, really. But I know once the beauty of fall appears, I'll be swept away in all the season has to offer. I'm fickle that way. A girl of the moment, if you will. Winter though, winter I could do without.