hello september

So, wow, it's September 3rd. Summer is flying by unbearably fast! Martin's back at work today (he's a teacher) but man oh man, did we ever have the most glorious week off. I think we went out almost every night: drove into the city, sampled new restaurants and finally checked out the Fairmont Pacific Rim + sat down for cocktails. We also visited with Gaby & her husband from This Little Port and I got to meet her daughter Clementine. Talk about baby fever, she's so precious!

While in the city, Martin & I had a moment and entertained moving back. I don't know, we're thinking about it. But honestly, I think we'd miss our vast green space, forested trails and ocean wayyyy too much. We'll see. If we do it, then we'd keep our current condo and just rent something for a year or two. Just cause, you know, sometimes it's fun to mix things up a bit.

This week there's also the promise of exercise. I've commit myself to: two runs, one yoga class, and one trip to the gym. Pray for me! Because usually my gym plans fall flat and I somehow end up watching another Netflix marathon and stuffing my face with cookies. It's bad, and I need to stop! At least they are vegan & gluten free. That must count for something, right?!... Haha, probably no.