5 things i love

pumpkin spice cowl neck sweater, shopruche // terrarium kit, anthropologie // cutest fall outfit, chelsea of tea talk // geometric necklace, blue bird lab (etsy) // clutch, elabyela

Hello, Friday! I'm delighting in the fact that we're going on day two of beautiful & glorious sunshine. Yippee, I'm sure my fellow Vancouverites are feeling the epicness of this situation. You may have also noticed that I gave my "5 things i love" post a little re-vamp. The other format was feeling a bit cumbersome, so voila, a re-vamp it is. And there's a new blog logo in town too. Thanks to my super talented friend, Lynn of Hearted Girl. I'm smitten!

As for this weekend... we're off to see friends for a little BBQ action tomorrow and then grabbing some pumpkins for our home on Sunday. I'm hoping to paint them white, and then add gold polka dots as well as stripes. Fun, right?!