Exciting News + Happy Friday

Image source: Design Love Fest

Well, hello there. I kind of hinted on Twitter the other day, that I'm working on a fun new project. Yup, sure am, and I'm too excited not to share. A quick back story for you guys... currently I run an Etsy shop and an organic online baby store. I've decided to merge the two, rename + re-brand my business, as well as expand my inventory to include beautifully curated gifts, accessories and women's clothes. Guys, I'm over the moon. This has been a long time dream of mine! I'll be sure to instagram a few updates over the coming weeks. The items are all so very gorgeous and I'm excited to get things up and running.

Having said that, I still have lots & lots of work ahead of me. This week, I've been designing the shop, ordering boxes, meeting with suppliers, registering the business name, ordering business supplies and getting my home office in tip-top shape. I'm incredibly wiped, but in the best way possible. There's satisfaction in feeling exhausted and knowing that you're working towards something meaningful.

On that note, happiest of Fridays, friends! And cheers for letting me share!! :) What's everyone up to this weekend? I'm hoping for PJ's, wine, a pedi, and Hart Of Dixie... all weekend long! Cutest show or what?! How do we feel about Zoe & Wade? I find them adorable together!

xo veronika