Life lately... goodness it's been awhile

I've been so in the throes of my outfits posts [and enjoying them immensely, I might add] that I've sort of had a brain freeze on my lifestyle posts. Are you guys missing them? I've been feeling kind of guilty for just slamming you with outfit photos, but truth be told, sometimes it's just easier to snap photos of what I'm wearing. Especially when the lifestyle portion of my life is on the down low. These days, my life revolves around our pets, my store, sushi dates with Martin, and let us not forget quality time on the couch. Haha, not so blog worthy, you feel me?!

However, today I'm popping in with a few of my favourite iphone photos in celebration of my new iphone 5s. The camera is so fantastic and I'm fighting the urge to not be instagramming every two minutes. And... can I get a unanimous, whaaaat?! Is Christmas only a week-ish away? We've been pretty terrible this year as far as decorating our home, we didn't even put up our tree. Is that bad? Oh well, next year we'll get our act together. Haha, mind you we say that every year! ;)

Coffee dates at Starbucks. My favourite is the skinny peppermint mocha. Lately coffee is what gets me through my day. Bless its heart!

Where the magic happens! ;)

Gold polka dots, everywhere. All. The. Time!!

An overdue date with my love. We spent the day eating ice cream, grabbed pine tree branches for a DIY x-mas mantle, and napped, a lot!

As for my weekend uniform? I stuck to cozy dresses + my fave booties!

PS - last but not least, thank you to Melissa from Bubby and Bean for including me in her awesome holiday gift guide. Hop on over to see what Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, A Beautiful Mess and many more are putting on their x-mas list this year! ♥