weekly wrap up + friday links

Today, I'm popping in to chat and do a weekly wrap up. I might try to do this once or twice a month. We'll see! So this week has been a little up & down. Up, because the store's been doing great (yay!) and it's turning into a real passion of mine, as I knew it would. I hope for it to be much bigger someday. But baby steps, right?! I also photographed our home yesterday for an upcoming blog post (highly overdue) so that was fun. Plus, it forced me to spruce up the place. As I always joke with Martin, the joy of guests? It leads to a superbly fabulous & clean home. Perk! Another up, is we've been growing so much in our marriage and as a result shifting our priorities. I'll save that for another post though, you know, once I collect my thoughts.

As for the down? Well, my health has been a real pain this week. I'm currently waving my fists in the air! ;) I deal with auto immune issues and the first thing to go is usually my digestion. It's bad. But not all is lost. I'm regrouping and putting myself on a diet of smoothies, lentil soup and rice. It's my go-to and always restores my health. Unfortunately, it gets pretty boring and I inevitably miss our pizza & ice-cream dates. However, my motivation is good and strong. We're trying to start a family and it's my number one priority to be as healthy as possible. Another ugh, is my parents are going through a fair bit of turmoil; it's been a stressful year for them and in turn a difficult time for us.

Oh life, you're a beautiful beast. So many gifts & so many struggles. I'm staying positive though and keeping my life calm. I'm saying no, so I'm not spread too thin, but saying yes to the stuff that's good for my soul. Basically, I'm just trying to be. Lumps, bumps, warts and all. I'm happiest when I accept my life exactly how it is, and stay thankful for all of it. Happiest weekend, love cats!! xo

Friday links:

1) Whoot! I'm doing free shipping over at my shop for orders $25 & up, all weekend long! Code: freeshipping. Plus, I gave the shop a little Valentine's spruce up.

2) Love this awesome post from Jen of Jen Loves Kev. Without a doubt, the blogging community is the best, and I love being inspired by amazing gals like Jen!

3) Since I'm on a lentil diet until further notice, why not make it fun and experiment with new recipes, you know?! I can't wait to make this lentil meatloaf.

4) Dying over this dress. I'd wear mine with tights, booties, and my favourite pea-coat. Plus, I want this entire embroidered collection from Shop Ruche.

5) And... wanna see the cutest thing ever? Check out this little pup! Perfectly adorable, gush!