a tour of our home

Hello! Today, I'm sharing a quick little tour of our home, which is brought to you via my trusty iPhone camera. I've been meaning to do this forever and can't believe I just got around to it now. So bad, but so me!! When it comes to our space, we're still wanting to add hardwood floors, swap out our gallery wall and buy a new area rug. Hopefully, I can feature updates of our home here & there on the blog throughout the year... if that's something you guys would like to see?! I also have a few DIY's that I'd love to share!!

We bought our home five years ago, and immediately fell head-over-heels for the over-height ceilings, mountain view and the fact that we're surrounded by the most breathtaking nature. We have the cutest village right down the street with adorable boutiques, restaurants and fantastic coffee shops. Our complex also has an outdoor pool, hot tub and a ton of private amenities like a fireside lounge, theatre room and tennis courts. The list goes on! In the summer, we love to hike with friends, barbeque and then dip in our pool - such a wonderful treat!

As for our home decor? I wanted to create a space that was warm, cozy but still modern. I love the beige walls, moldings and I'm a huge fan of our red accent wall. For the furniture, we focused on mostly white upholstery and dark wood. Since our kitchen is dark and our space is super open, I wanted everything to feel cohesive and have good flow. Martin & I are slowly starting to dream of a second home... but for now we're loving and enjoying this one so much. Hope you enjoyed the tour! xo

PS Have you done a tour of your home recently? Leave a link, I'd love to see!!