Happy V-Day Ya'll

Well, evidently, these two love bugs got the Valentine's Day memo. How cute, right?! I was originally planning on including a sweet wedding photo of Martin & I... but I couldn't resist sharing this photo instead. Speaking of which, if you'd like to see our wedding photos you can check them out here. So what's on everyone's agenda for tonight?! I think whether single or married, it's lovely to spoil yourself and the people around you. We're keeping tonight relatively simple, we'll be heading over to one of our favourite Japanese restaurants for dinner and then watching Martin's students perform in Hairspray the musical. I can't wait, it's one of my favourite shows!

I'm so ready for it to be Friday too. We've had a hell of a stressful week. Honestly, I have a huge knot in my stomach and having terrible insomnia because of it. Oh man, nothing like family drama to get a gal feeling over-whelmed. As always though, I'm counting my blessings, staying strong, and feeling thankful I have amazing girlfriends that are willing to lend an ear. Amen! Sending big heaps of love to you guys!!! Happy Valentine's Day!! xo