Happy Friday, everyone! I'm gearing down from a long week of sleepless nights. Family stress and Martin's relentless coughing (he's sick) have left me feeling so tired. The kind of tired where your eyes burn all day. But hey, it's Friday, and I'm off to enjoy Sabbath dinner with friends tonight. Thankfully, I still have some semblance of energy to appreciate the good things. So not all is lost, friends. There's light breaking through the clouds and I'm soaking it in.

This week, I dusted off my DSLR and spent some time taking photos. I even started a fun side project through Society 6. I'm now selling a small collection of prints, framed & unframed, and canvases of my artwork. It was so fun to put together, and each photo is incredibly special to me. I'm excited to fill our walls. Timely, as we're doing a bit of re-decorating. Um, again! I'm far too visual for my own good, and currently dreaming of a space like this!

When the creative tides pull me, I know no self control. I'll happily go where they take me, and will without resistance, settle on new shores. xo