DIY: Long Lasting Manicure

I can't believe it. 7 days & counting and my DIY manicure is still in place. Success! I'll be commenting specifically on the products I used in next week's video haul, so look out for that. But in the meantime, I'm excited to share my tips for a long lasting manicure with you. I researched, learned, and found a system that's given me great results. Side note: if you'd like a turbo fast mani, just skip steps one through three. I added them for some extra pampering but they're certainly not necessary.
Step one: File. Make sure to start with dry nails and file in one direction. Filing nails in two different directions can weaken them.
Step two: Apply your favourite hand moisturizer and then soak your nails in soapy water. I do one hand at a time so I can sip wine and browse instagram. Obviously! ;)

Step three: Push your cuticles back. I ended up using my nail file, but if you have a cuticle tool, then use that. However, my method worked just as well!

Step four: Use a quick dab of nail polish remover to remove any excess oils. This will help the polish last longer.

Step five: Brush on two even coats of polish, but not too thick. Quick tip? I love using metallic colours because I find they are much less prone to chipping.

Step six: Last step, apply your top coat. This will extend your polish for days. To help improve the lifespan of my manicure, I also avoid long baths for 24 hours. Keep your hands dry, as it allows the polish to set. Lastly, I apply a second top coat the next day!

If you have any tips of your own, please share! I'm determined to keep perfecting my skills! xo

Products Used:

Nail polish: Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength in Champagne Toast
Top coat: Revlon, No Chip Top Coat
Hand cream: L'Occitane Hand Creams
Hand soak: Philosophy, Amazing Grace Bath/Shower Gel