Quick & Easy DIY Exfoliant For Glowing Skin


Lately, my skin's been feeling a little drab and I've been on the hunt for a DIY exfoliant. Let me just say, this one is ridiculously easy and works amazingly well. I'm a firm believer that good skin care does not require tons of money and can be accomplished on any budget! I've been diligently exfoliating every morning and my skin looks so healthy + a lot of my blemishes have cleared up. I couldn't be more excited by this easy and way affordable DIY exfoliant.

You'll need:

Your favourite cleanser
Baking soda
Mixing spoon

Mix your cleanser + baking soda in a glass container (mine comes with a lid for easy storing). Apply a dime size or so to a clean face, then gently work in a circular motion. Rinse well with warm water. Dry with a face towel and apply a daily moisturizer. Voila! I promise, your skin will thank you!