Weekly wrap up

I thought it'd be fun to wrap up my week and keep you guys up to date with my happenings. Firstly, let me say the weather has been unbelievable, spring has definitley sprung and the fur babies & I have been living outside. This week I planted flowers on the patio and spent time spring cleaning. I love the feeling of a fresh start!

This week, I also launched a huge sale for my shop. Up to 70% off and I've been busy in my home studio making several new handmade jewelry pieces as well. I have tons planned for the store and I can't wait to share it with you. It's my goal to focus on more handmade items and I plan to work with a few local designers as well!

Photos from our week: 1) Planting flowers. I did several bulb plants + white hydrangeas. 2) This pictures says it all, no? Scout is one happy little guy! 3) Celebrating spring with freshly painted toes and feeling sandal ready. 4) Evenings spent down by the ocean with my pooch & hubby... on this particular night we also did a bit of seal watching!


Favourites from around the web:
1) Did you see? My dear friend Tieka was featured on the Ruche blog. My favourite ruchette by far!
2) I took part in Jenny Highsmith's series pursue your dreams and loved sharing my thoughts.
3) This interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. Plus seriously, isn't her home magnificent?!
4) Are you guys as obsessed with hey natalie jean as I am? Such a soulful & beautiful writer!
5) My newest instagram obsession, daily puppy! If you aren't already hooked, you've been warned.
Inspired by: Health & fitness. I haven't been feeling my best lately. My health issues (auto-immune) are on a rampage, leaving me wiped and sick. But, I'm making my health a priority and trying to get as much exercise as I can. Baby steps. I've committed to 20 minutes of exercise each morning. I either do yoga, a power walk, or hit the gym. We're lucky to have two awesome ones in our building. Easy & convenient. Done! 

Personal goals: Take more risks. It can be scary being a business owner, but I'm trying to remind myself to take bigger risks and have more faith. I have big goals for my shop this year and I need to learn to not sensor or edit myself. The same is true of blogging. Sometimes, I shy away from writing content because I'm worried people won't like it or I'll lose followers. Simply no, existing under false pressure is not the way to happiness. So friends, dreams, let's do this!

This post was inspired by the lovely Savannah of Maiedae