Weekly Wrap Up

Oh my, how did two weeks manage to fly by since my last "Weekly Wrap Up" post? What the heck?! Sometimes, life moves way too fast for my liking. I have a birthday coming up in July and I feel like my thirties are whizzing by. Guys, it's totally freaking me out, no joke! But then I try to remind myself age is just a number and by no means does the fun have to stop at a certain age, you know?!

Photos from our week: 1) Wearing my fave dress from my girl Tieka. 2) Blossoming trees. I'm obsessed! 3) Treating myself to a DIY manicure & red nails. 4) Hitting the gym, I've been so disciplined!

Favourites from around the web:
I'm obsessed with Joy McCarthy; she's a holistic nutritionist and her blog is a wealth of info!
Loved this post on finding motivation from Melissa of Bubby and Bean.
♥ I'm positively smitten with this anchor and raw crystal necklace via Belle Hibou on Etsy.
♥ Julie of Orchid Grey is absolutely rocking this polka dot dress - what a beauty!

Inspired by: Perhaps it's the weather?! But I feel so motivated and in love with blogging at the moment. Honestly, over the winter I was such a Debbie downer and even considered shutting my blog down... I'm thinking we all feel like that from time-to-time though, no?!

On the horizon: Adventures. I want to make this a really fun spring/summer... strawberry picking, visiting our favourite ocean spots, barbequing with friends and planning city dates with my man. I don't want to let a day go by!!