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I had the best weekend, I hope you did too. On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with two of my besties, Erin & Sabrina! I'm convinced time with friends makes the world a way better place. Right?! My only complaint about our afternoon? Time went by alarmingly fast. The girls got to my place just before four, and poof, it was eight. We talked about so much good stuff those gals & I. Social media, materialism, mother-hood, our spiritual beliefs, and shared a few embarrassing stories which we're all taking to the grave. Erin, I have two words for you!! "Golf course!" Have I said too much?! ;)

The gals gave me some very insightful blogging advice as well. I actually had a candid post on blogging all cued up for this morning, but chickened out. Friday, I'll post it on Friday! So yes, blogging advice, the girls shared their point of view on this crazy thing called "blogging & social media" and it was incredibly refreshing. They pointed out the importance of staying real, being yourself, and to show more than just the "pretty" things in life. As Sabrina pointed out... it's life, not a magazine. Honestly, I couldn't agree more. I'm certainly not perfect, nor do I want to put forth a perfectly curated image of myself. That's never been the heart of who I am. I like seeing the bumps, warts and imperfections in people. It's compelling and interesting. So yeah, blogging has definitley been on my mind lately, and it's my hope to get a little more candid with my posts here. I may share my thoughts with you over the next few weeks, as I explore this topic, and hopefully I won't bore you to tears! I kid, I kid... it will be riveting! ;)

PS - I also wore my rad maxi skirt all weekend long. A few of you have asked where it's from... I bought it at Forever 21. Nab yours here!