Pizza At The Pier

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It's early and my big mug of coffee is doing nothing to jump start my brain. So, we're keeping it nice and short today. Plus, I was up most of the night with the worst back pain. Onward, two exciting things! One, this date night. Two, I finally dusted off my DSLR and took photos. I've been relying on my iphone a little too much lately and taking these photos reminded me how much I love adventuring + capturing everyday moments. Let's do this all summer long I say! Oh if only I could, the dreamer in me would love to travel for a year, take pictures and spend my days writing it all down. Life, I'm forever your biggest fan! Here & there, Martin and I have talked about the possibility of moving to New York for a year. He's suggested doing a teachers exchange, and you know what? As terrifying as it seems... maybe we should!

On topic, off topic, we were witness to a terrible car accident the other day which has honestly left me very shaken. We were first on scene and I felt like my heart was going to rip in two for everyone involved. I hardly slept that night... those events have a way of replaying in your head. I'm really not keeping this short, am I?! Coffee kicking in, check! Anyway ever since the accident I've been thinking about the fact that life has no guarantees. We can try and clutch to the things that define us: marriage, monetary stability, our talents, careers, etc. But none of us are immune from the unexpected. And so, it got me thinking that courage, authenticity and living a life that's meaningful matters a whole lot. Seize the day, seize your personal truth! xo