Catching Up + Photos From Our Week

What a week! If you follow me on instagram then you know we had to put down our beloved cat, Pumpkin. Poor guy, his last 24 hours were so painful, scary and watching him suffer was one of the worst things imaginable. I love my animals and care for them with a big & wide open heart. So honestly, this devastated me! On Friday night, at the age of 19, my love bug had one of his paws go limp from a blood clot. Our vet recommended a blood thinner but sadly the blood clot wouldn't budge and we had to put him down. The tears have not stopped flowing. I just hope there's a cat heaven and he has found his peace. This is the second pet I've lost as an adult and it does not get easier. My heart aches for the fur balls of this world! 

This week, we've slowed down our schedule. I haven't slept in a few days, so yes, rest it is! Yesterday we took our dog for a trail walk and it was incredibly therapeutic. Listening to the gentle rustle of the leaves, seeing the forest all sun dappled and witnessing the splendor of our ocean is all this girl needs to feel a state of calm & thankfulness. There is beauty in weathering the storms of life, we experience a deepening of our soul and grow a more gentle spirit!

And a photo of our pumpkin! We'll forever miss you sweetheart! ♥ Also, say hello to my pj's! ;)