Meet Sunshine!

Hello, Friday! Thought you'd never come. It's been a hell of a long week. My carpel tunnel has been acting up like crazy... I'm supposed to avoid being on the computer as much as possible right now. I'm praying my wrist starts behaving as I have a heavy plate of design projects, engagement photos + photographing a wedding later this month. Also, if you don't see me commenting on your blogs as often, you'll know why, but I'm still dedicatedly reading!

As for this little bundle of fur & love? Yay, meet Sunshine! Our newest fur fam member. We rescued her from our local shelter and she's been keeping us mighty busy. I'll be honest, we were a little overwhelmed at first. We spent most of last week at the vets as she's had a few health issues. And then, introducing her to Scout (our dog) was a little more work than expected. Let's just say there was no shortage of growling & hissing. But, we're finally making some great strides and our two fur bugs are slowly becoming friends. Do any of you have a cat & dog? How did you make the introduction?! Would love to hear your tips... xo