Monday Finds

image source / pinterest

Firstly, thank you so much for the sweet comments on our new kitty, Sunshine! We're making great strides with her & Scout... although we've had to break up a few spats here & there. Hopefully, this cohabitation period gets easier. Right now, we're reluctant to leave them home alone, so our summer plans have been pretty non-existent. As for my carpal tunnel? Oh all bloody hell guys, I'm down to 30 minutes of computer time before the pain becomes unbearable. Blast! In any case, I'm back with my favourite links & drool-worthy finds. Yay! Love putting this feature together. And lastly, it was my birthday this past weekend. So whoot, whoot to one too many martini's! ;)

1) My shop's having a big sale. This boho blazer from Tulle is a steal and I never leave home without my chevron tote!

2) One of my favourite gals on pinterest. Her boards are full of amazing inspiration!

3) I'm obsessed with the new Maiedae relaunch + in love with Squarespace. Perhaps there's a relaunch in my future too?

4) Love this new to me blog, plus I love Caroline's idea of building a capsule wardrobe each season!

5) Oh my gosh, these gold gilded popsicles are the bomb, no?!

6) I'm SO excited for Nordstrom's anniversary sale... their Michael Kors bags are an absolute steal!

7) Obsessed, with this teardrop terrarium. Perfection, right?!

8) This scallop clutch is so, so good!