Bocci With Friends

Thank you for the health well wishes, guys. I'm still feeling up & down, and my gawd, my numb arm and leg are driving me absolutely nuts! I'm trying my best not be a hypochondriac, but of course, the mind reels. In any case, I hope to be back to a slightly more normal blogging schedule this week - fingers crossed that goes as planned. On Saturday, I met up with our dearest friends Clint & Erin who graciously hosted a summer get together for our home group. We covered all my favourite summer essentials: wine, bocci ball and an outdoor fire pit. My over zealous bocci skills (read: no skills) may have have caused me to break Erin's planter though. Ooops! Regardless, we had the BEST time!

This week, I'm working with Erin on a really fun t-shirt collaboration. More on that soon! As well as introducing a new contributor to the blog... and possibly looking to do a blog revamp with the Maiedae girls. I always muck around so much with my own design, I thought it be kind of nice to have someone else do it for me. We'll see, what's going on for you?!! xoxo