Weekly Wrap Up

I don't normally post on Saturdays, but what the heck, here I am! ;) How's yours so far?! We started our weekend off with a bang. Yesterday, Martin & I decided to go for an amazing run/hike, see first photo above. Pretty splendid, right?! My leg & arm might be numb, but damn it, I will not buckle on my fitness goals. I'm kind of a hard ass that way - stubborn, really! This past week has been a good one... I've been working on a bunch of design projects and have a few new templates to launch in the next week or two. Very exciting to watch my little Etsy shop grow. Yay!

Aside from that... because of said arm & leg it's been a lot of rest, rest, which honestly I find a little excruciating. I'm a busy body by nature. So, this goes completely against my grain. Upside? Amen for Netflix and a hubby that's home for the summer. I've also dreamed up lots of great things for the blog and can't wait to implement them once I'm fully back on the computer. Come on, already!!

And lastly, our poor cone head!! Although, I'll admit, Sunshine is a total fashionista because somehow she makes that cone work! Our poor gal hit her eye and now it's infected so we're giving her eye drops, spoiling her with her favourite foods (chicken and gravy) and nursing her back to health. It's kitty Hilton over here! ;)

Happy weekend, guys!!