Weekly Wrap Up

Hello friends! Aside from my leg & arm issues... the past couple of weeks have been really great. I've been busy designing blog templates for clients, consulting (more on that soon) and working with beautiful mamas on newborn photos. I'm feeling blessed and affirmed... when we knock the universe really does answer! I've hinted at the fact we've had a stressful summer. Yup, we have! Martin has been off work for the past three months (teacher strikes) and losing his income hasn't been easy. But thank god, we've been able to make it work and for that I'm eternally grateful!
Photos from our week: 1) Working on new blog templates. Yay! I hope to have them listed next week! 2) Are you sick of seeing Sunshine on instagram yet?! I'm thinking no... that girl gets more likes than I'll ever get. Hehe! 3) Working on a blog post about my everyday make-up. Watch out for that in September 4) Hair, hair. I want to dye it. But am beyond stumped on which colour to do!

Favourites from around the web:

♥ Discovered this beautiful blog a few months back and I'm so in love.
Tieka rocked these flats a few weeks ago. Oh my gosh, need them!
♥ Beautiful words to live by - love reading quotes like this to start my day.
♥ This antique window headboard is beyond lovely.. can't wait to add something similar to our room.
♥ My new maxi dress crush for fall! Just add slouchy cardigan & booties. Am I right?!

Inspired by: Colour! I know everyone is into all things white at the moment, but I'm loving colour! Colour in our home, my graphic design and my photography.

On the horizon: Branding my site + social media a little more cohesively, and of course, awaiting my new blog template! Painting our bedroom a slate grey in the fall. Plus, I'm excited to get back into the swing of things with home group via Village Church!