A Beautiful Life: Work From Home & Stay Inspired

I'm so excited to be kicking off a new series. A Beautiful Life! I personally love reading posts that are aimed at inspiring us to live better, and be better. So naturally, I thought, hey if I like it? Others must too! One of my greatest passions in life is being an entrepreneur, and today I wanted to share tips on how I stay inspired. This is something you can use for your blog life, or if you're hoping to spend a few hours a week growing a project that is dear to your heart. And if you are? I really encourage you to. There is nothing more satisfying than growing our dreams and seeing them become a reality. It takes hard work, but it is possible!!

Start your day off with a bang // I love having a routine in the morning. I usually take 15 minutes to tidy my office space, have my coffee & breakfast on the patio and answer client emails. I also love getting dressed for my day. I used to just work in my pj's. Um yeah, absolutely terrible - plus it does nothing for a gals moral! So now, I do a quick swipe of mascara & lip-gloss, a striped tunic, tights and mocs. Super cute and I'm ready for my work day!

Reward Yourself // Part of working as an entrepreneur can mean long hours and nights spent working alone. So, once I've finished a big project... I love to pat myself on the back for a job well done. I'll take myself out for a lunch & pedicure. Or pop by my favourite boutique to grab a pretty blouse, or visit Target and nab some adorable office supplies. It might sound small, but it does so much for our sense of well being when we take time to recognize our achievements!

Beautify // Who doesn't want to work in a beautiful space?! I've framed some of my favourite sayings & inspirations around my desk. I usually have fresh flowers, candles and music playing. Plus, I like to keep everything super organized. For blogging? I keep my closet organized as well. I have an area to hang all my sponsor clothes and another area with upcoming outfits. I'm type A, and organization is my jam!

Rejuvenate // Afternoon slump? I like to beat mine by taking a work break around 2ish and either going for a quick run or hitting the gym. I'm usually back by three, feelin' super jazzed and have lots of energy to work. It's honestly the best way to feel productive. I also love mixing up my surroundings and working from my favourite coffee shop, or buddying up with a friend at their office space for the day!

Balance // I LOVE to work. Just ask Martin... I'm a workaholic and I don't mind one bit. But even us work obsessed gals need a break. For me, it's one of the hardest things to do, but I've slowly learned to love it. Especially because it means I'll be that much more productive once I'm back at work! Win, win, right?!

PS - Thanks so much for your awesome feedback on the new site guys. I'm over the moon with the design and loving the inspiration that's come with it. Also, have you peeked at my new + super rad "about" page? If ya can't tell, I'm really excited about it! xo