Home Tour | Part 2... Our Dining Nook

I'm back with part two of our home tour. Yay! I love putting these posts together + taking photos of our space... even if interior photography isn't really my strong suit - I love it all the same! And speaking of love? I'm pretty in love with our dining nook, we decided to paint it a lovely brick red a few years ago and we haven't stopped oogling over it since. It's warm, inviting and looks great against our beige walls and dark chocolate hued kitchen. One day, I'd love an all white home, perhaps for our next place we'll choose an all white canvas. But in the meantime, colour it is! ;)

We're excitedly working on several updates for our home this year... adding hardwood floors, a new gallery wall, area rug, drapes and gorgeous custom throw pillows. Once we're all done, I hope to have our home professionally photographed. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these! And did ya notice Scout in the last shot?! Ha, photo bomb! xo

PS - You can peek at part one of our home tour, here. I photographed our patio a few weeks back!