Mood Board For Fall/Winter

No outfit post today, guys! The past several days have been hella busy... I'm currently booked out for the next 3 weeks with photography gigs, and sooo, my own blog photos have fallen to the wayside. Sometimes you just can't do it all, which quite frankly, turns me into all kinds of whiny... but yes, balance, I'm slowly learning! Today, I'm sharing my fall/winter mood board. Who else loves them?! Whether I'm working with a client for design, photography or a re-brand they're the perfect jumping off point for creative inspiration!

As you can see, my inspiration for this season is all about blacks, deliciously rich colours and a slightly more somber mood. When it comes to finding new inspiration? I'm like a moth to a flame... absolutely love finding new aesthetics to sink my teeth into. Also, a good excuse to go shopping! ;) Happy Tuesday, beauties! xo