Blog Workshop | Creating Content

Hello, and welcome to my new blog series "Blog Workshop" so excited to be kicking this off! I honestly can't believe I've been blogging for 4 years, um hello, where did the time go?! During that time, I've had the opportunity to team up with amazing brands, travel for conferences, appear in magazines and have met so many of my favourite bloggers. A more gracious and supportive group - I have yet to meet! Admittedly, I've slowed down my blogging career over the past few years as my own business has grown! However... my love for it is as strong as ever and I'm thrilled to be sharing what I've learned over the past few years. Today, I'm chatting about creating content and how to find the "you" in blogging!

Stay true // In the beginning... I put a lot of pressure on myself. Pressure to keep up with outfit posts, shopping for new outfits and sometimes even missing out on time with friends because I was so swept up with the blog. I now know that was wrong and I've developed a much more laid back attitude over the years. Creating content and staying true, will never come from putting pressure on ourselves. Instead, I've learned to "check in" and then work on the blog from there. Some weeks, I'm all about outfits posts, other weeks I love creating content like this... or I'm more inspired to vlog. So remember, above all else - stay true!

Be flexible // Our lives are always changing... jobs become more demanding, or simply our available time becomes limited because of other life commitments. That's totally okay! Firstly, I've learned to blog about my life exactly how it's happening. Cat photos and a few words on my week? If that's all I have time for... then yes! And secondly, I've created a moveable editorial calender. I typically run 4-5 recurring posts and schedule them all at the beginning of the month. Then each Monday I check in, and if need be, I move them around to suite my mood. The only exception, being sponsored posts, of course!

Hone in on your passions // As you know, I've been helping companies & independent business owners develop their blogs and I'm always amazed at the fact that people aren't sure what to blog about! Simple I say - start with your passions! What do you love? Perhaps you love restoring vintage furniture, cooking, sewing, photography, painting or love making your own clothes! Start there, define what you love, and build blog content from your place of passion. Remember it's your blog, and you get to decide on what you want to blog about. Skies the limit! Plus, the upside is you'll find opportunities in the niche you're most interested in!

Define your theme // As much as I hate putting myself in a box. I believe there is merit in finding a niche for yourself. Yes, at the end of the day you can blog about anything... but, you'll want your blog to have an overall vibe. Maybe you're budget focused, vintage, high fashion or just super crafty. It's important to pick your theme and then build from there. Take a moment and think about the kind of blogs you like to read and what kind of readers you're hoping to attract? When I started my first blog "Girl & Closet" I sat down and wrote out my mission statement and defined the overall purpose of my blog. It honestly helped a lot and I believe it grew quickly because of that!

Create 3-4 recurring posts // There is liberation in knowing what you're going to be blogging about and I think routine is well received by readers too. I typically aim for 4-5 recurring posts and then 1-2 wild cards each month. I focus on daily style, adventures, helpful posts like this one, weekly wrap ups, wishlists and home decor! I think the great thing about recurring posts is they allow you to maintain your vision and keep you accountable. Plus, I never get stuck in the "I don't have anything to blog about" rut. So, yes, bonus! ;)
Brainstorm // Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting out. Taking a "time out" as I like to call it and brainstorming is key! Whenever I'm feeling burn out... I always go back to brainstorming! Firstly, I recommend you unplug. I typically love going out in nature, listening to my favourite music, talking it out with a friend or fellow blogger (hi, Cee), creating a mood board, or grabbing a stack of magazines... the last one is great. Magazines are a wealth of fabulous editorial ideas. Try it sometime - you'll be amazed at the results!

Quality over quantity // Personally, I think it's much more effective to invest in one amazing post per week, than create several sub par ones. Think of your blog as your portfolio! I know for myself, I definitley want it to be a collection of my best work! When I look at my favourite bloggers, I would say that is one thing they all have in common. I'm lookin' at you Tieka! ;) They invest their time into building quality over quantity!

Well, that's a wrap, thank you so much for reading the first installment of "Blog Workshop" guys. Next time, I'll be discussing branding - very excited for that one! And, if you have any tips of your own please share - I'm hoping to run a post featuring your fab ideas!! And lastly, if you have any questions about your own blog? Feel free to ask in the comments section. I'm more than happy to lend an ear & offer any advice I can! xo