My Goals For November

Hello... did everyone have an awesome Halloween?! We were pretty quiet this year, my hubby marked assignments for report cards and I managed to stuff my face with candy + watch scary movies. Which is totally a-okay in my books! Today, I thought I'd try something new and post my goals for the month of November. Does anyone else do the same on their blog? If you do, leave a link, I'd love to read what you're hoping to tackle this month!

{image source: little red bowtique, via instagram}

A few goals that are currently near and dear to my heart!

∆ Take a break from social media.
I'm not exactly sure when I became an obsessive social media clicker, but yup, I have! It's bad and needs to stop! So now, I'm only checking my social media feed twice a day, and then signing out. It's helping, alot!

∆ Take a day off and go on a road trip with my honey.
We're so overdue for this one. I'm craving a road trip so I can spend the day doing what I love. Eating yummy food and taking photos... all, freaking, day!

∆ See friends at our favourite pub. Beers, fries and darts. Yes!
This one needs no explanation. Just craving some fun!

∆ Set aside time to clean the house!
Ok, not so near & dear to my heart, but it must be done.

∆ Grab my laptop and spend the morning working from my favourite coffee shop.
Oh man, sometimes working from home all day can really zap my energy. My goal is start going to my favourite coffee shop at least once a week to mix it up!

∆ Set aside time to work on new blog templates for the shop.
I'm learning that if I don't clear my schedule and set aside time, my hopes and projects, just never materialize. So yes, I plan on taking a day to make this goal happen!

∆ Create a new playlist.
Because, new music, always!

∆ Read, learn and rest
I've been learning more about photography, taking classes on personal branding and enjoying the process of learning. Plus, I find it a great to rest and rejuvenate.