Over The Weekend

Although, I cropped these using a square format... the first three are actually taken with my DSLR and then edited using the ABM actions. My current favourites are: malt, willis, and light leak 2 from the folk collection! As you can see, I'm off bed rest, thank god, and mostly kicking my infection! Although, I still need to make sure I don't over do it. But... I've been feeling so repressed from being sick, that yeah, I'm mostly over-doing it. Ha, you know me. Type A for the win! As for the weekend? Really great! I photographed a beautiful & intimate wedding on Saturday + I'm currently working on my photography blog. A long time coming... and I'm soooo very excited to share my work with you - oh so soon. Yay!!! What kind of fun stuff have you guys been up to?!

PS - Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends!!