Weekly Wrap Up

What a week!! It's been a whole lot of bed rest, unbearable fatigue and a sinus infection that just won't quit. Tired of my whining yet?! ;) Thankfully Netflix, working on my photography blog (I'll share more soon) and lots of yummy homemade soup are cheering me up. When life gives you lemons, well, you better make sure you're rolling with it. Am I right?! In other news, I'm hell bent on getting out of the house this weekend... even if it's just for an hour! I'm dying to wear something other than pj's and I'm need of human interaction. Sheesh!

Photos from our week: 1) J.Crew statement necklaces are my new obsession. Can't wait to style my new beauty up!! 2) Did a photo-shoot which was super rad & fun! 3) Fall is still exploding in our neighbourhood. 4) Living by the ocean and going for long walks?! Bliss! 

Favourites from around the web:

Jen, of Jen Loves Kev just wrote a fabulous post on health & exercise. Loved her relaxed and encouraging take!
So much love for this Target area rug. Isn't it awesome and incredibly perfect?!
Excited to start a class on visual storytelling via Life, Captured Inc!
Finally bought actions from A Beautiful Mess. I nabbed "The Folk Collection" set. Oh man, SO good!!
Loved this homemade homemade masala chai concentrate via the Free People blog!

Inspired by: Crunching leaves, floppy hats, hot chocolate, mittens and rosy cheeks! 

On the horizon: Working on a website for my photography. Yay!!! And getting my new series "Blog Workshop" series up and running... sorry for the delay! Between my flu and work schedule. Yeah, it's been a little nuts around here!!