Weekly Wrap Up

Wrapping up this week is a bit of a mixed bag. The upside is that I'm seeing my beloved pals Lynn and Cee for wine & girly chats tonight. Plus, Martin & I have lots of fun Xmas things planned for the weekend. As for the downside? I'm possibly going in for dental surgery on Tuesday (one of three) and I'm getting unbearably anxious about it. When it comes to the dentist? I'm honestly the biggest stress case! Luckily, I'll be sedated but I'll definitley be sore and swollen for several days after, and obviously, not looking forward to that one bit. If you have any positive words. Please share! I'm honestly needing to hear them - big time!!

Photos from our week: 1) Made a new print for my office and love it so much! 2) We had so much fun photographing winter themed photos for the blog! 3) Hot chocolate, and browsing the holiday isle!! 4) Lighthouse exploring. Always so much fun! 

Favourites from around the web:

I've clicked over to this post countless times... so excited for Tieka + cutest photos!!
I wrote a post for the "Common Creative" blog and loved sharing about my life as an entrepreneur!
This aztec open cardigan is gorgeous. Perfect with leggings & cami's for cozy nights in!
Cee is hosting the Keltie Leanne Jewelry event on Saturday, November 29th in Yaletown. So very proud of her!
I need a plaid scarf in my life - this one is so great and a fab bargain!
Inspired by: The holidays and finding a slower groove. I've been working a little too much lately and I'm excited to find rest, plus fine tune my business plan for 2015. 

On the horizon: Aside from my icky dentist visit. I'm excited to start baking, decorating and doing lots of holiday shopping + vacation planning. We're doing a few local trips this year: Whistler, Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island. The countdown is on!!