DIY | Xmas Gift Wrap

I had way too much fun wrapping presents this year!! Not pictured, is Sunshine (our kitty), she kept pawing at... well, everything! ;) I wanted to take a slightly more unique & whimsical approach to wrapping our Christmas gifts, and I'm so happy with the finished result. I nabbed the kraft paper from Micheal's and used my favourite mini ornaments. A few quick tips? I attached the ornaments with black string to match the ribbon. Really easy and it looks nice & clean! Also, sky's the limit! You could swap out the evergreen branches for holly, use plaid ribbon, or even plain white paper. And voila, you have an entirely different look. How are you guys wrapping your gifts this year?!

Other than that? I'm hard at work on editing photos for a few clients. Take a peek here! And I'm just a week or two away from announcing my photography website. Yay!! Plus, Xmas is only 14 sleeps way! What?!!

xo veronika