Evening Rituals

How did this happen? I have 10 + half written posts sitting as drafts in blogger. Whoops! Time to write and finish one... so, here we go! Lately, I've been trying to establish a few evening rituals for myself, things to help me gear down, and ultimately, help me got off my iphone & computer. Trust me, there's no shortage of those two in my life! ;) There's something so lovely and therapeutic about ending the day on a positive note + learning to step back. Perfect timing too, as this year I'm observing Lent and trying to slow down. Not an easy feat for me! So on that note, here's a list of my favourite/rotating evening rituals...

BUBBLE BATH AND TEA // I'll typically do a chamomile tea and a nice hot soak right before bed, and it's so darn good! I love adding bath bombs, or plain Epsom salts to relax my sore muscles from the day.

PEDICURE // If Martin is feeling up to it (he usually is) I'll coerce him into a foot massage. Haha! I love using peppermint foot cream and doing a quick pedi. My current favourite is the Sally Hansen gel line + the top coat leaves the prettiest sheen. Oh man, what is it about freshly painted nails?! Hello, instant happiness!

NIGHT-TIME WALK // I love getting bundled up in my coziest sweaters/leggings and going for a walk around our neighbourhood. It's so incredibly quaint here! I love seeing the glow of peoples lights and looking up at the stars. Plus, the cold air is so refreshing!

CONNECT // Connecting with either a Sunday service online (we've been going to Relate), or chatting on the phone with my mom is always great... the house is quiet, the pj's are on... it can't be beat!

WRITE // I recently started keeping a journal and I love taking a few minutes to jot down my thoughts from the day. It's proving to be a great way to check in with myself and see what's on my heart. I've been learning so much!

Hope you enjoyed reading through my list... plus be sure to leave me a few of your favourite rituals in the comments! Always love hearing from you guys!! Happiest Thursday, everyone! xo