Hello, On A Wednesday!

Today, I'm popping in to say hello and play a little catch up. How are you, guys?! I'm honestly missing blogging so much + working on my usual posts! But oh man, time is not on my side. As you know we're getting ready to move, Martin is busy with work & acting (he's shooting a recurring role on The Flash) and I'm working on several photography jobs. Life is full and wonderful. But of course, my poor blog is falling to the wayside as a result. It's hard to admit you can't do it all, but here we are, and I'm just going with it. Having said that... I do hope, to sit down and brainstorm for some content that's a little more manageable during this busy time. Can't wait to have things back up & running oh-so-soon! xo

PS - Many of you mentioned you missed the Disqus commenting system. Happy to report it's back!!