Blog Workshop | Personal Branding

I'm pretty certain that personal branding IS one of the funnest things, ever!! Knowing your style and communicating it throughout all your platforms... your blog, blog design, photography and social media is such an important tool, and one many new bloggers overlook. For me, it's taken awhile to hone in on my "personal brand" and honestly I still feel like I have so much to do and learn. In fact... I'm considering having my site professionally re-branded later this year and switching over to the squarespace platform, but, we'll see! ;) In the meantime, lets take a look at how you can tweak and improve your personal branding... and as always, don't be shy in sharing your own tips + tricks!!

Logo // Having a professionally designed logo is a great place to start. When choosing "the one" you'll want to keep versatility in mind... as you'll be using your logo for your blog header, business cards and invoicing. It's such an easy thing to overlook, but trust me, it's an important tool to distinguish yourself as a professional. Whether you're running an etsy shop or a blog, being taken seriously is always a good thing!

Colours // For my blog, no matter the design revamp, I've always stuck to pretty and feminine colours. Soft greys, blacks and blush tones seem to be among my favourites! So how do you go about defining your own colours?! I recommend using Adobe's Color CC tool, it's an absolute favourite of mine and I use it for all of my blog templates. Once you've picked your three or four main colours, remember consistency is key, you'll want to use your branded colours for your social media chanels, business cards, or anything else blog related!

Blog Design // If you're serious about blogging and want to develop your brand & business... I absolutely recommend hiring someone to help design your best online life. Typically a custom design will run you between $300 - $600 and will allow you to truly shine the spotlight on your blog or business. A professional designer is there to help you access your brand, capture your vibe and help define your vision. However, if that's not feasible for you... choosing a template which will suit your logo + branded colours is also a great place to start!

Photography // Yay! My favourite thing in all the world. When it comes to taking photos for your blog, again, you'll want to think about your branding. Is your blog clean and modern?! Then I'd recommend using white & softly textured backgrounds for all of your photography, as well as airy and bright Photoshop filters. However, if you're more of a crafty/DIY blogger?! Then you might consider using reclaimed wood backgrounds and slightly more vintage inspired Photoshop actions. Skies the limit here, grab a stack of magazines, or start a pinterest board... there's so much fabulous inspiration out there!!

Props // In line with my photography advice, but definitely deserving of it's own category... let's talk props! Whether you're taking photos for a recipe, beauty post, or your instagram, props are such a wonderful way to further drive your branding. So, get shopping! ;) You'll want to grab some fun plates, bowls, backgrounds and above all remember to keep your "branded colours" in mind when choosing your items. You want everything to feel nice and cohesive!

Social Media // As for social media? Your sites should flow cohesively with the look and feel of your blog as well. For example, when designing my twitter page... I chose to work with the same elements and colours as my blog. Feels so much more cohesive, right?! The same is true of instagram, hone in on "your look" and stick to it! On that note, I hope to give my YouTube channel the same overhaul as well as my jewelry and graphic design shop later this spring/summer. Yay!

Look Around // There's no better way to learn than from the people who do it well. I love checking out blogs and their social media channels to take note. Sites that do it well? I have mad love for the Maiedae girls, take a peek at their pages & social sites... they do an amazing job. As well as Monika Hibbs, A Beautiful Mess and Oh So Pretty to name a few!

Well guys that's a wrap... thank you for reading! Be sure to share your favourite branding tips, or let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I'll be sure to answer!! And... if you enjoyed reading my blog workshop feature, be sure to check out part one, "Creating Content!" xo