Gulp, First Post By Silly Face


Ok. I have done it. I have created a blogger account and started a blog. It's riveting, isn't it (insert winky face here). Although this blog may be new, I am not a new blogger. I also moonlight at Birch + Blossom, which is a fabulous fashion and design blog. I love it over there but I wanted a place, or er, blog, where I could post ONLY my daily looks. I have been following so many fantastic style bloggers and I am truly inspired by all of the amazingly talented ladies out there. And therefore, I have decided to jump on board! I will post the good, the bad, and the real! Because as much as I want you all to think that my life is about couture gowns and having tea with the queen, IT'S NOT! I am a real girl, work from home, walk my dog, and cook yummy food with the hubs. And like every other girl out there, I sometimes HATE my closet. There, I've said it. Welcome to Girl and Closet! xx veronika
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