Here Comes The Rain


Confession time? I am supposed to be working but somehow I have ended up signing into my blogger account and am chatting about fashion. Maybe I can blame this one on my fashion doppelganger? Yup, she is my evil twin and spends all of her time photographing outfits and posting them. Me? Oh no, I have been sitting and working at my desk all day. OK! I feel so much better now that we have cleared that up. 

I was also thinking about how I am really excited to start promoting my little blog and get me some followers. Because right now it's just me technically I am talking to myself. And for some reason, I don't feel right about pushing my blog on my friends and family. Can you guys relate? If you have any sage advice about promoting a fashion blog ...pour some of that love my way. 

Ok. Back to the good stuff. Don't you just love cute rain boots? I am so happy to have a picture of this outfit. I will be going out in the rain momentarily and this seems like the perfect thing to wear. I will then be meeting my hubs + friends for dinner, so I will be following my own advice and adding my "above mentioned" evening touches. 

Wishing you all a TGIFFF. It's my new acronym: "Thank God It's Fun Fashionable Friday." Oh and be sure to introduce yourself too.