Husband Closet Raid


Hope it was a lovely weekend for all; mine involved:

hugs from hubs
me swallowing a fruit fly
feeling thankful
eating pizza 
walking home in a rain monsoon while wearing stilettos
entertaining my husband with my whiny sarcasm
more hugs from hubs
and feeling thankful!

Weekend bliss? My bliss involves outfits that are fun and comfy. I was delighted to find this fantastic coat in my hub's closet (aka closet raid)! I was inspired by Annabel from Blushing Ambition - she wore a Gap men's parka and I loved it! I am not sure why I didn’t think of stealing from my husband’s closet earlier. I mean I already steal his toast in the morning and freely grab money from his wallet. Um, stealing his clothes? BRILLIANT!

Also a big, big thank you to all of the lovely fashion bloggers who have commented, subscribed, and are following me on twitter. Thank you for making me feel so welcome; you gals are the best!