Tricking Your Closet ...Into Thinking It’s Summer


I did it! I convinced my closet that it was indeed summer. OK. Granted it wasn’t easy at first, Mr. Winter jacket was totally skeptical... but I SO pulled it off. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PARTICULAR BLOGGER DOES NOT ACTUALLY TALK TO HER CLOSET, UNLESS UNDER EXTREME DRESSING PRESSURE.

I was so excited to wear something, that, well, didn’t involve a heavy coat. Did I move to a warmer climate, you ask? Nope. I decided to crank the heat, light the fireplace, and invite the gals over to my place. Yay! Finally, complete dressing freedom. I settled on my beloved summer dress ...which I thought looked lovely with a sheer white tee layered underneath, along with my statement necklace, and no shoes! Because who wears shoes in the summer, right? Happy Thursday everyone. xx veronika