Belt Amnesia & Ice Cream


Please note that I have not worn this ModCloth belt in the last several posts. And if I have, I would like to plead a temporary case of “belt amnesia.” I would also like to state for the record, that I will be wearing this belt again, and for that I would like to blame ModCloth, because they sell darn cute belts!

I am also equally enthusiastic about this scarf. I love adding textures & layers to my outfits. And I also love having clothes that are my BFF’s -you know, the ones that you can always depend on: you thrift together, drink tea together, and if you have one too many glasses of wine, you might even hear them talk to you! Hehe, don’t worry you guys, I DON’T talk to my clothes. I usually reserve those crazy antics for my closet. It usually consists of loud groaning with some swearing, and it is brought on by me having nothing to wear! Luckily, I have an emergency plan: stay home, eat ice-cream, and make hubs watch re-runs of “sex and the city.” xx veronika

PS - I also had (you may have noticed) my hair dyed a warm red-brown this week, which I love. Hope you guys like it too. AND I also tried the new “Moroccan Oil” that everyone is talking about. DISCLAIMER: MOVE ASIDE HUSBAND, BECAUSE THERE’S A NEW LOVER IN TOWN!