Easy Sunday...


Easy, like a Sunday morning! Yup. That was yesterday’s dressing mantra, you guys. What can I say? That damn song was stuck in my head. Although, I do have to confess that I am a sucker for comfort. I love dressing up (LOVE!), but sometimes dressing for ease and comfort, especially on a lazy Sunday, is the cat’s pajamas! And yesterday was just that kind of day.

An easy Sunday includes:
- wearing my husband’s cozy knitted hoody
- jumping in a big puddle and letting out an excited squeal
- chasing my dog on the beach
- napping in the car on our way to get Japanese food (oops, sorry hubs)
- and making another list for my bloggy, while wiggling my toes in my gum boots

Alright my fabulous fashionistas... wishing you all a lovely Valentines Day. Oh, and don’t tell, K? But, I still haven’t planned anything for the hubs. I will obviously have to resort to Plan B: get hubs tipsy, feed him lots of yummy food, and assume he won’t remember too much in the morning. xx veronika