Miso Soup & A Day Of Thrifting...


Just as my tittle suggests... I had yummy Japanese food, went thrift shopping, and Mr. Hubs joined me for a day of fun. I bought the cutest things, and it’s safe to say, I scored BIG! I ran out of there like a giddy teenager, and spent the next hour rattling off numerous outfit combinations to the hubs. Side note for Mr. Hubs: thank you for listening to my outfit ideas, for smiling, and for nodding with engaged zeal -you rock!

I would also like to state the obvious and say that I wore this outfit when I went thrift shopping, and I really like how it turned out -it’s my “girly & romantic” denim look. I also tried something new with my hair and liked that too. Yup, I was on a roll. OK you guys, I can’t wait to share my new thrifted besties with y’all. I have laundered, serenaded and bonded with them, and my dog has already slept on them. Welcome home new clothes! xx veronika