City Dates & Girlfriends... And Vancouver Fashion Week!

Heading to Vancouver Fashion Week, and I'm all smiles!
We had just arrived, and there was so much excitement in the air ...or was it my glass of wine?
Our first show of the evening was Autobiographie from Paris, and (oops) turns out it was standing room only. Most of the seating was on a first come, first serve basis, or it was reserved for buyers and editors. But I happily stood near the back and snapped pictures. I had a blast regardless! The collection had several pieces that I loved. I was smitten by the designer's use of metallics, diverse colours, attention to detail, and gorgeous textures.
Next up? Dawn Sharp from Los Angeles, and a personal favourite of mine! I managed to sneak (shhh) into the front row for this one. I was hellbent on getting some great pictures for you guys!! I absolutely loved, loved the pieces from Dawn Sharp's collection... the fabrics were rich & sensual, the dresses were vintage inspired and very wearable. I especially adored her silky gowns, which featured gorgeous velvet trimmings. Beautiful!

And thank you so much for your sweet tweets about Vancouver Fashion Week, you guys! I will definitely be attending the next round of shows for spring, and I will know to show up early so that I can nab a great seat! Hope your having a fab Wednesday, my lovelies. xx veronika

PS -I also did a recent guest post on "XOXO, Nina." The lovely & sweet Nina interviewed me about the "how to's" of blogging, and I even share some of my photography tips too. Be sure to check it out!