A Dress, A Sale, And French Fries...


I (as you might remember) went shopping; who doesn't love a little retail therapy? I bought a dress, ate french fries, and experienced total shopping exuberance! A good day for me, means finding a great dress on sale, and that's exactly what happened! I bought this dress at Dynamite for a whopping $19. I think I might have squealed a little when I grabbed it off the sale rack. I know, I'm a total dork!

I wore this outfit the other day, when hubs and I headed out for an early dinner. It’s still a wee bit chilly in Vancouver, so I actually wore my flirty black leather jacket, but I happily braved the cold for you guys. And as for the styling? Well, I was going for fun & sassy, so enter: sparrow belt, textured tights, and strappy heels.

Happy almost Friday, guys! I'm thrilled that the weekend is just around the corner. I’ll be at Vancouver Fashion Week on Saturday -can’t wait! xx veronika

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