Sequin Tank & Coral Hues... Yay For Spring!


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. As for mine? I enjoyed a fabulously warm spring day (one of our firsts), and it was pretty amazing. I was smitten by the beautiful cherry blossoms and the warm ocean breeze. I was more than happy to leave the tights at home and bust out the florals. Yay!

Mixing these two patterns together was a first for me. I actually got the idea from the lovely Tieka of Selective Potential. I was surprised that I had never thought of it before, because I absolutely loved the look. If you haven't tried these two patterns together, please do... you will adore it and it's a guaranteed mood enhancer.

And in other news? I went to my second blogger meet up, which was such a blast. I love hanging out with those girls. I miss them already. If you are a Vancouver blogger and interested in meeting up with us, then email me, K? I'll be sure to post pictures from the meet up... oh so soon!!
Happy almost Friday everyone! xx veronika  

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