Sunshine, Wedges... And A Day Off!


Hello friends! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I spent mine enjoying some fabulous sunshine and spring weather. Finally! I also may have eaten one too many Easter chocolates -oops. And I forgot to do an outfit post late last week. I would like to blame that on my sugar coma.

I have also come to the conclusion that great weather and fashion blogging are SO much fun. Anyone else with me? I adore exploring places with my hubs, and getting some pictures -of course! We usually end up eating lunch on a fantastic outdoor patio or strolling down to the beach. I'm certain that rain, ducking under bridges and watching my hair frizz out, are less than palatable. Hehe, life!

As for the outfit? Oh my goodness, well being that it was my day off, I went super simple. But I gave my normal “jeans look” some added fun with red lipstick and some super cute wedges. Highlight of the day? Wiggling my sock-free toes in the sun! Happy Monday, my lovelies. xx veronika

PS -Did anyone else eat way too many Easter chocolates? Sugar confessions are on the house today!