Vancouver Blogger Meet-up & An Outfit Post...


Hey guys! So, I just went to my first blogger meet-up last weekend.  Yay, what a super fun day! I met up with Lynn of "Hearted Girl," Cee of "Coco & Vera," and Alexandra of "To Vogue Or Bust." I met the girls on a lovely Sunday afternoon at Central Bistro, where we enjoyed wine and loads of bloggy chats. It’s safe to say that we got along famously, because we stayed for about 4.5 hours. I was so impressed by how down to earth and talented these gals were -and how stylish they looked!

I was equally enamored by the lovely bistro. It was warm & charming, featured over-sized chandeliers, dark beams, and large windows. Ahhh, a truly perfect afternoon!

As for the outfit? I wore my usual Sunday uniform: a mix of  something thrifted (jacket), and ModCloth goodness (bow tie tank). I'm thrilled with how the pictures turned out. After we wrapped up at the bistro, we headed down to the beach and enjoyed some gorgeous pre-sunset light. Taking pictures was a blast; a more snap-happy group of girls you have yet to see. I officially adore these ladies -can’t wait to do it again! xx veronika